In conversation with ambient music producer Flica

Melodic music producer Euseng Seto, better known as Flica, has shared their latest EP, Tapsskog and it is sure to be your perfect rainy day companion with dreamy keys and ambient electronica. His previous release, album Sub:Side (2018) followed a more melancholic tune comparative to the work of Boards of Canada and Hakura Nakamura. Tapsskog takes a lighter & hopeful approach this time around.

We find out what makes Flica tick below.

Sum up your year so far in two words.

Fuel-starved boat.

Tell us more about how your latest/upcoming release was conceptualized?

My upcoming Tapsskog EP was inspired by a trip to Tromsø, Norway early of the year. My girlfriend and I were randomly exploring the suburb in Tromsø. The idea was a mixture of the realistic of the trip & adding some imagination while we walking during the trip.

You may check out the descriptions of the EP:

“A place far north, at a suburb filled with snow. We randomly followed a trace to the entrance of the lost woods. While walking, The sound of shoes stepping on the snow, the spruce branches effectively bear the accumulated snow. and the air has a slight smell of burning wood.

We walked aimlessly. In the woods filled with snow, there were no creatures to be trace. They probably on winter sleep? Hence, we felt lonesome. If a griffin appears, we likely to ride on it and fly, admire the woods from sky-high. The daytime is almost swallowed by the night, and we have no room to stay.

We both left the entrance to the woods before the night came, and passed-by a frozen lake. We returned home followed the direction of the small village with warm street lights.”

Describe a typical day in your studio space.

I produce music in my bedroom and the only free time for me to make music is during the weekend due to my day job. I have a very minimal set up for my bedroom studio: a laptop with an audio interface, a controller, a guitar, and some tiny instrument. Normally I will start a concept with an ambient loop, & follow with piano notes/guitar notes and start layering track by track to get the end sounds that I’m looking for.

What are the most important pieces of equipment for you?

The guitar was the first instrument that I picked up as a teenager. I have not been playing guitar for the past 5 years when recording since the end of last year. I took it back and it gave me a totally new feeling of playing due to the past 5 years of playing piano & keyboard. It’s like a new music journey again while playing the guitar.

Describe what an ideal day would be for you?

Breathing morning breeze & a cup of coffee by the mountain.

Do you have a favourite memory of your career so far that you will take with you forever?

I remember I received an invitation to play a show in Prague, Czech. That was the first time I traveled to Europe.

Who is your musical guilty pleasure?

Tony Takatani OST.

What can we expect from you in the near future? 

I’m planning to do an artist residency in the UK next year. I’ll be releasing another EP via Munest Record (Malaysia) in December & currently preparing a sound project of Ocean & Forest.

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